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Thank you for your amazing tutorial. Learnt loads, especially the scar on my knee you taught me how to cover it up and that was hard! I can now broaden my makeup range too. Brilliant 1-to-1 session xxx

Natasha Keshani

Thank-you so much. So happy with my hair and makeup. Mum looked lovely too. Xx


I wouldn't usually put a photo of me with no makeup on (aaahhh the spots and sun damage) But I'm so happy with the lesson with Manisha The London Beauty Stylist I had to share... As it was a lesson we went for a dramatic look so we used a lot of makeup (as you can see I needed it)...Please like The London Beauty Stylists Facebook page if you are interested in makeup lessons or brilliant makeup tips!!

Sarah Regan

I flew in for a conference in London which I was presenting for and needed to look professional and glamorous, but nothing too dramatic. Manisha did a wonderful job, she's reliable and available last minute (I'm talking 2 hours before), literally saved my life. Thank-you girl. I can only recommend her services.

Christina Szekeres

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John Smith

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