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Make-up Lessons London | Makeup Lessons For Beginners

"I believe that all women are pretty without makeup - but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful." Bobbi Brown


I provide tailored makeup coaching for individuals or groups for self-application.


Why book a make-up coaching session?


As Bobbi Brown states in the quote above, correct make-up application can be pretty powerful! Not only does it make a person look more polished and professional, it boosts condidence and can make you glow and look a better version of yourself. 

Previous clients have had many different requests - from wanting to learn specifics such as the dramatic cut crease, contouring, to learning basic makeup application that they can pass down to thier daughters when the time is right. 

Many people get stuck in a rut with make-up application and don't really move too far from thier comfort zone, so they come to me so that I can show them new tips and techniques tailored to thier face / eye / lip shape. 

My aim is take you out of your comfort zone, teach you things you didnt know, looks you didnt think you would achieve. A lot of people say things like "but my eyes are too small.. it won't suit me" only to have me apply makeup on them and be amazed at how great they look, its not the application techniques don't suit you, its just you were never taught how to apply it for your facial structure.

My beauty coaching sessions are often booked as gifts to friends and loved ones and the feedback has been amazing – many clients wishing that they‘d learned the skills years ago. I can also provide beautiful gift vouchers upon request.

As I have worked with a different range of skin tones and age groups, I am able to advise a wide spectrum of clients, from younger ladies who would like to be shown the modern looks, to older ladies that would like to look more elegant and youthful. 

What is a make-up coaching session?


In this make-up coaching session, I will talk you through the products that are best suited to your skin type, colours that will suit you, how to apply a variety of different eyeshadow looks - depending on what you request (smokey, daytime, full glam, whatever you would like), how to contour and highlight for your face shape, eyelash application, and answer any other queries that you may have. This coaching session will be hands on! I will apply the look on one side of the face and ask you to recreate it on the other side, guiding you at each step of the way


)Highlighting and Contouring (basic and advanc)

Smokey eyes

Daytime makeup

Flawless base

Eyelash application

Cut crease eyes

Colour correction

Eyeshadow blending


Where do the sessions take place?


Make-up coaching takes place at my facilties in Gants Hill. If you would prefer to choose the location, this can be arranged at an extra travel cost.


Please note that this service can be tailored to your needs, and can last as long as you want it to - from a 2 hour lesson to a few days! Previous students have been interested in specific looks - such as a dramatic cut crease eye look, or extreme contouring for their face shape.


Many clients also book this session before a night out or a special event, as they will be ready to go by the end of it, and will have the satisfaction of knowing that they helped to create the look!


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